Speculative Fiction Episodes

Mystery/Thriller Speculative Fiction


Peng and I discuss The Cartographers, the true story about an event with a gas station map in the early 1900s that inspired a portion of this story, phantom settlements and how they have fallen out of favor now that people have moved to relying on electronic maps, how the use of maps changed once online maps became popular, why writing a mystery differs from writing other fiction, the hardest part of writing the book for her, and much more.

Speculative Fiction

Sarah Zachrich Jeng - THE OTHER ME

Sarah and I discuss The Other Me, constructing a new identity when an individual undergoes huge life changes, how so much of what happens in life is outside of people’s control, her favorite character and the character with whom she identifies the most, her previous life as a rock musician, and much more.

Speculative Fiction


Sarah and I discuss We Are Satellites, what happens when a medical technology developed for one condition is used for another purpose or has a commercial application instead, how she chose to tell the story from four POVs, the ethical and moral issues related to using technologies in new and cutting edge ways, making sure her medical device would be realistic, and much more.

Speculative Fiction

Christina Sweeney-Baird - THE END OF MEN

Christina and I discuss her debut novel The End of Men, publishing a book about a pandemic during the current pandemic, how the pandemic in the book is reverse engineered for her purposes, writing speculative fiction, what happens when there is a huge gender imbalance, and much more.