Historical Fiction


Chanel and I discuss her latest book The Most Beautiful Girl in Cuba, how this is the first time she has written about a real life heroine, the incredible amount of research she conducted for this novel, which book of hers holds a special place in her heart, bringing Cuban stories to life, and much more.

Contemporary Fiction Mystery/Thriller

Katherine St. John - THE SIREN

Katherine and I discuss her new book The Siren, using three points of view to slowly disseminate information to the reader, how she enjoys writing about the messiness of life, taking unexpected life paths, how lives are lived in chapters, and much more.

Contemporary Fiction

Georgia Clark - IT HAD TO BE YOU

Georgia and I discuss her new rom-com It Had to Be You, why she switched to the rom-com genre, how her own wedding inspired her to write this story, her fascination with weddings, teasing out a balance between tradition versus modernity, and much more.


Tovah Feldshuh - LILYVILLE

Tovah and I discuss her new book Lilyville, her difficult relationship with her mother and their generational chasm, how she came up with the delightful format of the book, incorporating “Lilysisms” into her story, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro after her mother died, her upcoming show, and much more.


Flynn Berry - NORTHERN SPY

Flynn and I discuss her new mystery Northern Spy, how she creates such a strong sense of place, writing about a place where turmoil is always just under the surface, the roots of radicalization, being selected as a Reese Book Club pick, and much more.

Historical Fiction

Jennifer Saint - ARIADNE

Jennifer and I discuss her debut novel Ariadne, putting women from Greek mythology at the center of their stories, the complexity of building a Bronze Age world, ensuring that readers are not pulled out of the story and instead stay immersed in the world she has created, her favorite Greek myths, and much more.


Heather Caliendo

Heather and I discuss our latest book club recommendations, some books we have read recently and loved, and some titles we have not loved.

Speculative Fiction

Christina Sweeney-Baird - THE END OF MEN

Christina and I discuss her debut novel The End of Men, publishing a book about a pandemic during the current pandemic, how the pandemic in the book is reverse engineered for her purposes, writing speculative fiction, what happens when there is a huge gender imbalance, and much more.

Contemporary Fiction

Sanjena Sathian - GOLD DIGGERS

Sanjena and I discuss her debut novel Gold Diggers, the responsibilities that come with assimilation, conceptual orphans, writing the research problem she encountered into Gold Diggers, her background as a journalist, Mindy Kaling optioning her story for a TV series, and much more.

Historical Fiction


Renee and I discuss her new book The Social Graces, how she decided to write about the legendary feud between Caroline Astor and Alva Vanderbilt, the research she conducted, the way her title and cover came about, and much more.

Historical Fiction


Karen and I discuss her new book The Last Night in London, her inspiration for this story including her time living in London, how the title of this book came about, highlighting the unsung heroes of World War 2, Tradd Street series news, and much more.

Historical Fiction

Lisa Scottoline - ETERNAL

Lisa and I discuss her new book Eternal, the secret reason she named the book Eternal, what she learned when switching genres, how Philip Roth helped inspire her to write this story, how her research led her to purchase a special item, and much more.


Elizabeth Barnhill

Elizabeth and I discuss her job as a book buyer at the indie bookstore Fabled Bookshop and Café, what the job entails, the fortuitous way she landed the job, her favorite genres, how she decides what to buy, how bookstores should be “windows and mirrors,” and more.

Historical Fiction


Stephanie and I discuss The Women of Chateau Lafayette, writing three timelines and weaving them together, what she discovered while researching one of the characters for this novel that required her to rewrite the book several times, the highlight of writing the story, the character she identifies with the most, and more.


Katie Fulton and Desiree Bourkan

Katie and Desiree join me today to discuss bookstagram (book accounts on Instagram), how they got started, developing relationships with publishers, the best and worst things about the platform, the books they loved and some they didn’t, and much more.

Historical Fiction

Danielle Martin - GLIMMER AS YOU CAN

Danielle and I discuss Glimmer As You Can, bringing 1960s Brooklyn to life, the inspiration for the Starlight, women’s experiences in the 1960s, her reading recommendations, and more.

Contemporary Fiction

Kathleen West - ARE WE THERE YET?

Kathleen and I discuss Are We There Yet?, how social media and cell phones play such major roles in teens’ lives today, parents who believe their self-worth and social standing are tied to their children’s, parenting in 2021, balancing oversight and privacy as a parent, and more.

Contemporary Fiction


Bianca and I discuss If You Want to Make God Laugh, creating cultural context and awareness in her writing, her podcast and why she launched it, how to become a more responsible traveler, the importance of Own Voices stories, the advent of writing partnerships, and more.