Thoughts from a Page Podcast

Thoughts from a Page Podcast

Welcome to Thoughts from a Page Podcast where I interview authors and other individuals in the publishing industry about the latest and greatest books and trends in the industry. Listen to find some great new reads!

Recent Episodes

Behind The Scenes

Interview with Tess Day - Director of Publicity, Zibby Books

Aug. 4, 2022

In this Behind the Scenes interview, Tess provides an inside look at working as a publicist at a start-up publishing company, her path to publicity, what a typical workday looks like, how her role differs at Zibby Books from…

Guest: Tess Day

Interview with Gillian McAllister - WRONG PLACE WRONG TIME

Aug. 2, 2022

In this interview, Gillian and I discuss Wrong Place Wrong Time, plotting this one out, creating the right pacing for the story, finding the right title, the difficulty of building in twists, her podcast, not feeling constra…


Interview with Hayley Scrivenor - DIRT CREEK

Aug. 1, 2022

For this special episode, Carol Ann Tack of Top Shelf at Merrick Library and I interview Hayley Scrivenor together. We talk about her debut novel Dirt Creek , how the different titles and covers came about for the U.S., UK, …


Interview with Zibby Owens - BOOKENDS

July 31, 2022

In this interview, Zibby and I discuss Bookends, how her podcast influences her writing, writing to process the events in her life, how important it is to find your passion, how she decided which book would open each chapter…

Guest: Zibby Owens
Contemporary Fiction

Interview with Leigh Newman - NOBODY GETS OUT ALIVE

July 31, 2022

In this interview, Leigh and I discuss Nobody gets Out Alive, her focus in these short stories on the real Alaska, the isolation and loneliness experienced when living some place so remote, baring her soul in this collection…

Guest: Leigh Newman
Historical Fiction

Interview with Vanessa Riley - SISTER MOTHER WARRIOR

July 29, 2022

In this interview, Vanessa and I discuss Sister Mother Warrior, providing the historical context for her book. which character was the hardest to write, having 2 books publishing so close in time to each other, the lasting i…

Guest: Vanessa Riley

Interview with Sarah Pearse - THE RETREAT

July 27, 2022

In this interview, Sarah and I discuss The Retreat, her fascination with local history and time's relentless march forward, making the island a central character of this novel, using a consultant to make sure the police proc…

Contemporary Fiction

Interview with Carley Fortune - EVERY SUMMER AFTER

July 27, 2022

In this interview, Carley and I discuss Every Summer After, setting a book in Canada, choosing Barry's Bay as the book's locale and the response by residents, what surprised her the most writing this book, tackling her sopho…

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