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Great content, great voice!

I recently found Thoughts from a Page podcast with Cindy Burnett. She is fantastic with a wonderful voice and terrific content. Felt back about just finding it until I realized I have ALL these previous episodes to listen to now. Thank you Cindy for providing relevent and interesting guests and …

A podcast I quite enjoy.

I have come to look forward to Cindy’s author interviews and find I learn about new books I might otherwise not come across. Wonderful podcast!

Excellent Podcast!

Cindy’s talent shines through in her very interesting conversations with different authors. She has a unique ability to draw out the true meaning of each story, the history of how and why it was crafted, and why a reader would want to read it. A must-listen for fellow readers!

You’ll have so much fun learning about a book with it’s author

Cindy is at the top of her game in the bookstagramming community as she expertly interviews authors in the most thoughtful, engaging and warm manner. You will walk away with not only a sense of why the book she and the author are discussing is important but also learn the path the author followed t…

Great podcast!!

Love hearing so many different and diverse authors talk about their books. Cindy’s interview style is warm and fun. Enjoy!

Outstanding podcast

We love hearing these author interviews. We enjoy Cindy’s enthusiasm and always learn so much.

Great, Interesting podcasts!

So glad I have discovered these podcasts! The host’s engaging nature makes it easy for the authors to open up, making it a very interesting and entertaining podcast. It is so fun reading the book knowing the background information that went into each story. Very enjoyable, relaxing, entertaining p…

Cindy’s Podcast

I love listening to Cindy interview various and interesting authors. She makes it so fun and easy. She engages the author and asks great questions. It’s fun to hear the author’s perspective which makes the book even more interesting. I will definitely keep listening to her Podcast.

Awesome Podcast

I love this podcast! The host brings many authors whose books I enjoy and that I want to learn more about. Great structure to each interview, great questions. Nice, friendly conversations. So glad I discovered this one.

Listen and Enjoy

Cindy is an engaging, warm interviewer. She is a natural and tgie podcast should be something you listen to frequently whether you are seeking out a book to read or learning about an author.


I absolutely love Cindy’s interviews! Each interview is the perfect length and she draws out each author! I can’t wait for more. 💕

So Good!

I love listening to Cindy’s podcasts. She seems to ask all the questions that I would like to ask if I were able to interview the authors. The questions about how the titles and cover art are created and eventually decided on are especially interesting!

Great podcast

Cindy has such a calming voice and interviews interesting people.

Love it!

A very informative and entertaining podcast. Cindy has an ease and natural way of conducting interviews that makes you feel like you’re listening to two old friends. Her love of book and authors shines through (no pun intended!). I loved learning about Susie Orman Schnall’s latest We Came Here to …

Great First Episode

I loved the inaugural episode of this podcast! It was an insightful soup-to-nuts discussion of the author’s latest book, and it really gave you a behind-the-scenes look into how a book gets published. Looking forward to the next episode!

converations form a page

What a great interview! I felt like I was in the room listening to a very natural conversation about an amazing book! This is one not to miss!