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Brian Contine

Sales Rep

Brian Contine started selling books at Austin's BookPeople almost a quarter century ago. He worked at the University of Texas Press for about 6 years where he had stints in Editorial, Marketing, and Publicity before finally landing in the Sales Department. About 6 years ago, he began working at Penguin Random House selling the Penguin list to Independent bookstores in Texas, Oklahoma, and Colorado. He lives in Austin with his wife, two kiddos, and three dogs.

Behind The Scenes

Interview with Brian Contine - Penguin Adult Field Rep

In this Behind the Scenes interview, Brian provides an inside look at working as a Penguin Adult Field Rep for Texas, Oklahoma, and Colorado, how he got started, the imprints he sells, the must-see independent bookstores he loves, how he decides what he will recommend in his role as a field rep, developing relationships with his assigned stores, and much more.