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Davina Morgan-Witts

Founder & Publisher

Davina Morgan-Witts is the founder and publisher of BookBrowse. Since its beginning in 1998, BookBrowse has grown to become one of the internet’s leading resources for book club members and those who read to expand their horizons. Based in Santa Clara County, California, BookBrowse seeks out and recommends the best in contemporary fiction and nonfiction, with a focus on books that don’t just entertain and engage but also inform. BookBrowse offers a wealth of award-winning content including reviews, previews, "beyond the book" articles, read-alike recommendations and extensive resources for book clubs.

Davina was born and educated in England, where she held a variety of advertising, marketing and research roles for a range of products including chocolate bars, bottled water, dog food, banks and cheese. She founded BookBrowse after moving with her husband to the USA. Nowadays, she is delighted to spend her time talking about books and book clubs (although talking about cheese and chocolate wasn't all bad). Davina is a recognized authority on book groups and a popular speaker and writer on the topic; she has given talks at many library, publisher and bookseller conferences, to the media and to private groups.

Interview with Davina Morgan-Witts - Founder and Publisher, BookBrowse
Behind The Scenes

Interview with Davina Morgan-Witts - Founder and Publisher, BookBrowse

In this Behind the Scenes interview, Davina and I chat about her role as Founder and Publisher of BookBrowse, how she came up with the idea to create the website, curating books for readers and book clubs, BookBrowse's membership options, how reviewers are selected, deciding which books to review for the site, and much more.