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Erika Bolstad


Erika Bolstad is a journalist and filmmaker in Portland, Oregon, and the author of Windfall. She spent a decade in Washington, DC, covering politics and environmental issues for Climatewire and the McClatchy Washington Bureau. In 2008, she was a Pulitzer finalist for her work at the Idaho Statesman. She was also a staff writer for the Miami Herald, where she covered Hurricane Katrina and other national stories. Her work has appeared in The Washington Post, Scientific American and many other publications.


Interview with Erika Bolstad - WINDFALL

In this interview, Erika and I discuss Windfall, how she decided to write this book and the ways it changed over time, how everyone yearns to know where they come from, her internal conflicts about her family's inheritance, her book cover, climate change, her visits to North Dakota, and much more.