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Lisa Brideau

Author/Sustainability Specialist

LISA BRIDEAU (‘bree-doe’) was born and raised in Nova Scotia, Canada. Her writing is inspired by the ridiculous quantities of science fiction she read during her formative years with a crust of classics and CanLit layered on top.

She has a B.Eng in Aerospace Engineering from Carleton University and an M.Sc in Urban Planning from the University of British Columbia and currently works as a sustainability specialist. When she takes breaks from trying to mitigate catastrophic climate change, she likes to write speculative fiction or practice her waltz. She lives in Vancouver, BC.

​ADRIFT is Lisa's debut novel.

Interview with Lisa Brideau - ADRIFT
Mystery/Thriller Speculative Fiction

Interview with Lisa Brideau - ADRIFT

In this interview, Lisa and I discuss Adrift, climate fiction, why she chose to set the book in 2038 and the world building she did, helping people gain an understanding of the importance of preserving and spending time in nature, how her day job informs her writing, and much more.