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Megan Tady is a writer and editor who runs the company Word-Lift. When she’s not scrutinizing copy, she can be found stocking her free neighborhood library, challenging anyone to a dance-off, or stewing over how Portlandia stole all of her jokes. She's hard at work on her next novel, Champions for Breakfast , which will also be published by Zibby Books. She’s a corn-fed Nebraska gal who now lives in a quaint New England town with her husband and two kids.

Interview with Megan Tady - SUPER BLOOM
Contemporary Fiction

Interview with Megan Tady - SUPER BLOOM

In this interview, Megan and I discuss Super Bloom, her publishing journey with Zibby Books, leaning into the romance genre, portraying grief including the grief experienced for what might have been, writing a book within a book and how that developed for her, and much more.