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Robin Whitten

Editor/ Founder AudioFile Magazine

Robin Whitten is the founder and editor of AudioFile Magazine. AudioFile reviews and recommends audiobooks and has just celebrated our 30th year of this single-focused endeavor. We maintain a multi-platform resource—publishing recommendations in print, newsletters, and at AudioFile also has two podcasts—Behind the Mic with AudioFile Magazine, a short daily conversation about one audiobook and Audiobook Break, a chapter-a-day audiobook.

Robin is passionate about audiobooks. After 30 years of talking about what’s good and what’s happening in the audiobook space, she continues to delight in the changes and evolution of formats and the forms audio storytelling takes. Robin has served on the board of Directors of the Audio Publishers Association, and as an Audie Awards judge. Getting a field-education starting a magazine, Robin also attended Stanford's Publishing Program and is a graduate of Vassar College. She listens to audiobooks while gardening and walking and lives in Portland, Maine where AudioFile is based.

Behind The Scenes

Interview with Robin Whitten - Founder/Editor of AudioFile Magazine

In this Behind the Scenes interview, Robin Whitten and I chat about how she created AudioFile Magazine and its role in the publishing industry, how the magazine chooses which audiobooks to review, focusing on the listening experience versus the reading experience, the two podcasts the magazine hosts, serializing Dracula on its Audiobook Break podcast, the Golden Voices and Earphones Awards, and much more.